All missionaries that are being deployed to Genesis sites are volunteer missionaries.  That might be a new idea for you, so here is a quick run-down of what that means.  

  • As of 2015, almost half of the missionaries that are serving with the Church of the Nazarene around the world are volunteer missionaries.  You might hear these missionaries refer to themselves as Mission Corps or Global Serve missionaries.  Within Genesis, you will be called a Genesis Missionary. 
  • Volunteer missionaries are being deployed for mission critical assignments in the Church of the Nazarene.  Genesis missionaries are being asked to meet an urgent need and church plant in priority cities that have been identified by field leadership.
  • Volunteer missionaries receive a budget that must be fundraised for living expenses.  Genesis missionaries will fundraise between US $12,000-US $15,000 for their 2-year assignment to cover costs of food, transportation, medical insurance, cell service, residency costs and daily living expenses.  Districts that host the missionary team will assume costs related to housing and utilities, drastically reducing the amount that needs to be raised by the missionary.
  • Volunteer missionaries sign a written agreement to serve the Church of the Nazarene. Genesis missionaries will sign a 1 month agreement during pre-field training, a 1 year agreement for their first year of service and a separate 1 year agreement for their second year of service.  Each agreement depends on approvals of field leadership and desire of missionary to continue service.
  • Volunteer missionaries are part of periodic evaluations.  Genesis missionaries will be a part of a mid-term evaluation, as well as a final evaluation during the re-entry retreat. 
  • Volunteer missionary service fulfills requirements of full-time service hours for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. Genesis missionaries with a call to ordained ministry are highly encouraged to seek district licensing from their home district, continue theological education while serving on the mission field, and claim their 2 year assignment as partial fulfillment of full-time ministry experience.

Still have questions about volunteer service? Contact us and let us explain more!