Site sponsorship is a committment by an individual, a local church or a district to financially and prayerfully support a specific Genesis location.  A US $15,000 site sponsorship (split into $7500 each year) will fund missionary training, missionary scholarships and the some of the ministry costs of that particular site.  

Sponsorship creates a personal connection to an urban center in Mesoamerica, as well as to the missionary team ministering in that place.  Bringing a team to the ministry site for short term ministry during the sponsorship time is highly encouraged and will be facilitated.

How will partnership funds be used?

Site Assessment

Each Genesis site will receive a complete community assessment in order to evaluate community needs and how the Church of the Nazarene can best enter into that community to meet those needs.  Genesis missionaries will seek to involve themselves in transformational ministry, in order to facilitate the work of the Church of the Nazarene in each site.

Missionary Ministry

Every missionary serving in Genesis is a volunteer who is raising US $20,000 for his/her 2 year assignment.  Scholarships for Genesis missionaries will accelerate their arrival to the Genesis site, offsetting a percentage of money to be fundraised.  For more information about missionary scholarships, click here. In addition, each missionary will take part in an intensive 1 month Missionary Training in the Domincan Republic prior to his/her deployment to the ministry site, and sponsorship will offset costs of housing, food and training materials during this time.

Ministry Resources

Each Genesis site will have a goal of creating preaching points which become cell groups which then  become organized congregations of the Church of the Nazarene.  Evanglism and discipleship materials, children's ministry resources and meeting/event costs will be provided for by sponsorship.


The Genesis missionary will be responsible for developing new leaders in each cell group and Nazarene congregation before their departure.  These new leaders will most likely be new converts and new Nazarenes and your sponsorship will provide for theological education opportunities through literary resources, registration in workshops and potential scholarships to study in the Mesoamerica Theological Education system.  Educational opportunities may be offered to Genesis missionaries upon completion of their 2 year volunteer assignment.