Do you feel like God wants you to help start strong, missional churches in the urban center? Do you possess the characteristics that are outlined in the profile?  Being a volunteer missionary in the Church of the Nazarene is the result of being sent by your community, and because of this important fact, candidate evaluation is broken up 2 distinct phases which must be completed in order.


When the office of Global Mission Mesoamerica receives your Genesis Questionnaire, you will be guided in the following:

Phase 2 - Community Responsibilities

  1. Global Mission Mesoamerica checks 5 references that you noted on your EMF. 
  2. Global Mission Mesoamerica solicits a Support and Approval Statement from your local church pastor and District Superintendent.
  3. Mesoamerica Family Care and Counseling Ministry will complete a psychological assessment via interview and evaluation of written tests.
  4. Your personal physician must complete and sign a medical health assessment.
  5. Global Mission Mesoamerica creates your candidate profile from the information collected through the evaluation process and presents your profile to the Regional Director for final approval of volunteer missionary status. 

Phase 1 - Candidate Responsibilities

  1. You must attend (or have previously attended) a Cross Cultural Orientation.
  2. You must create a Nazarene profile and fully complete the application entitled the Exploring Mission Form (EMF).
  3. You must complete a written and video Interview (questions supplied by Global Mision Mesoamerica).

Your acceptance with a proposed assignment will be communicated in writing from Global Mission Mesoamerica.  Upon your acceptance of the assignment, instructions of how to begin your training in creating a prayer support network, raising funds and creating a website will be communicated.