37. Comparison

This week the Worthless Servants talk about comparison. We see it everywhere: from celebrities to social media posts, and even in the Bible. How does comparison steal our joy? What is our measure of success? How can it subtlely creep into the Church and ministry? The topic provokes plenty of stories from the mission field and the local church.  Hopefully during this episode, you’ll remember where your true identity lies. 

When we spend so much time comparing, we lose sight of the Kingdom work.
— Emily Armstrong
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36. Prayer

The eighth Characteristic of a Genesis Church is: involving everyone in the congregation in interceding for the needs of the community and the world. How is this done? Is there a difference between prayer and intercession? How can we teach and model prayer that brings excitement? Freya shares some creative examples, AJ talks about a day of prayer, and Emily goes to war. 

The more that we can become passionate about [prayer], the more we’re going to be the Church [God] desires us to be.
— Emily Armstrong
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35. Burnout

This week, the Worthless Servants explore one of the possible side effects of full-time ministry: burnout. How do we identify it? How do we avoid it? How do we teach the church about it? We share some of our personal stories and Freya brings us back to the Bible. We’re not experts, but maybe we can offer some advice and hope. 

The act of fighting against burnout is an incredible lesson in humility.
— Chelsea Fry
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34. Sabbath

Turn down the lights, light some candles, and breath deep. This week we’re talking about The Sabbath. What does it mean? How is it practiced in the church? Isn’t is just a day off? Emily talks us through the intricacies of what that means for a missionary or minister. AJ shares some of his personal journey through Sabbath. Chelsea and Freya talk about taking a nap. 

The day is all about worship.
— AJ Fry
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33. Stats

Calling all Nazarene Nerds: straight from the desk of the General Secretary, we bring you the 2017 stats for the Global Church of the Nazarene. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read all 20 pages, we did it for you. But what do they mean? How do the methods of the church stack up to the methods of 10 years ago? How have we changed and where do we see concerns? 

If we want our membership to increase, we have to start with the little guys.
— Chelsea Fry
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32. Exponential (part 2)

We are continuing our conversation from the Exponential conference. Emily leads us in a discussion about some breakout sessions she attended as she asks the questions: How do you fund a sustainable urban church? How should the church building be perceived and utilized in the urban setting? We also learn why where you live and work is important and why Chelsea throws rocks.

As and urban church planter, you have to live in the neighborhood.
— Emily Armstrong


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31. Exponential (part 1)

The Worthless Servants attend a conference all about discipleship. What are we doing to train our pastors and leaders to be “hero makers”? How are you making Christ-like disciples in the nations? How does a lion greet others in the field? We discuss all of these questions and more in this two-part discussion on the conference.

My fruit grows on someone else’s trees.
— Dave Ferguson



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30. Joselyn and Keila

This week we are interviewing two more missionaries who are going to Panama City, Panama.  Joselyn Garcia has been serving in Santiago and now will be serving two more years, but Keila is going out for the first time! They tell us all about how they got started in missions, their family backgrounds, and some of their expectations for their time as Genesis missionaries. 

Even though you think you can’t, [God] can
— Keila Molina
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29. Maritza

This week we have a special guest! Maritza Mendoza is a new missionary from Miami (and Nicaragua before that!) serving in Querétaro, Mexico. She tells us all about her life, her ministry and preparation in Miami, and how God called her to the mission field. 

I love my son and grandson, but I have another love that is bigger than them.
— Maritza Mendoza
28. Reentry

After two years, five Genesis missionaries wrap up their time in Mexico and Dominican Republic. Listen as we retell their stories of culture shock, group dynamics, strategies used to reach the city, and how they have impacted the existing church and leaders. You won’t want to miss the story of a man dying of cancer and how Sugey’s call to missions was confirmed through that experience.

The cities are different because of them!
— Scott Armstrong
27. Anniversary

We’re celebrating our one year anniversary this week! Listen and find out more worthless facts about the Worthless Servants, some of our favorite episodes from the past year, and hear how we have seen God at work. We talk about soccer, driving, ramen noodles, and… things we can’t quite remember. Also, listen for how to get a Worthless Servants t-shirt!

The urban church is something we’re starting to see take flame.
— Emily Armstrong
26. Teamwork

This week it’s all about making the dream work. How is your church working as a team to complete the mission of God? Once again, it’s story time with the Worthless Servants. We hear examples (both good and bad) of teamwork in sports, medicine, and from churches around the region of people collaborating with each other to accomplish a goal.

I’m a part of a church, not only a part of a ministry.
— Freya Galindo
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25. Developing

This week the Worthless Servants ask, how is your church identifying and developing those who feel a call to ministry? What opportunities are there for education and training? We discuss these questions and more as we learn how the Mesoamerica Region is responding to these questions. Emily also explains how Amish friendship bread somehow connects with all of this.

The mark of a great church is not about its seating capacity, it’s about its sending capacity.
— Neil Cole
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24. Shocked Again

Just when you thought you were safe, the Worthless Servants plunge you into culture shock again! It was the topic of one of our most popular episodes, so we used an article by Dr. Howard Culbertson to dive deeper into the symptoms of culture shock, as well as how to get through it. We share more stories from our personal lives and try to fend off inexplicable bouts of weeping.  But through it all, we come to the conclusion that - even during culture shock - there is hope.

Take naps!
— Freya Galindo
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21. Holiness

In this episode we talk about the fifth characteristic of a Genesis Church. What does "preaching holiness regularly and practicing it daily” look like? AJ and Emily break it down for us with definitions, and we learn why people should hide their babies from Chelsea. 

When I think about Holiness, I think about the opportunity the Church has to teach people that their identity is in Christ.
— Chelsea Fry
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20. Planting

Genesis Church Characteristic #4. The challenge of this week’s episode is for all of us to be actively involved in planting a new congregation in the urban center. What does this fourth characteristic of a Genesis church look like? How is it done? How can we make a difference in our cities? The conversation highlights 5 challenges of urban church planting that author Ant Frederick writes about, and we also share some encouraging examples from different countries.

Urban Church planting is a world issue and a world process and we all have a part to play in it.
— Emily Armstrong
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19. Movement Day

Three of the Worthless Servants go to New York City, NY to be a part of a great experience. Listen as the share what they learned about global missions and the city. As well as stories of getting lost and eating hot dogs.

How can we be a Church that welcomes people no matter their context or culture?
— Freya Galindo
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18. Fry

You might feel like you know them already, but there’s so much more to find out!  Listen in as AJ and Chelsea reminisce about college days, mission calls, and milkshakes. Also, don’t miss Emily’s last question that throws them for a loop! 

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