When you have been approved for missionary service, training immediately begins.  Utilizing the internet and pre-recorded webinar presentations, you will be guided through the process of raising support funds and creating a Mission Corps account.

Six weeks of online training will begin in the six weeks immediately prior to deployment.  The textbook Discovering Missions, by Gailey and Culbertson is the guiding text for interaction in online forums offered by SENDAS in Costa Rica.  Classic missiology topics such as the Missio Dei, language learning, and adaptation will be facilitated by current missionaries that are serving in the Church of the Nazarene.

Your missionary assignment will begin with 4 weeks of training through residential classes in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Courses and workshops in urban mission, church planting, discipleship, missionary policy, communication are among the topics covered in this intense 7-8 hour a day training.  A complete list of courses and workshops will be available soon.  A certificate of recognition will be awarded to each missionary who satisfactorily completes 10 weeks of missionary training.

If you are currently studying in any of our Nazarene seminary institutions, or desire to further your theological education, Genesis missionaries are encouraged to participate in online classes during the 2 year assignment.  Potential Nazarene seminary scholarship opportunities exist for qualifying missionaries.

The last week of your two year assignment,  you will take part in the re-entry retreat.  You will receive advice and professional Christian counseling about how to process your two year missionary assignment, how to tell your story when you are back home, and how to live a bicultural life.  This time will be used as a time of closure for the ministry team, as well as a time for rest and relaxation.