23 cities and 5 Caribbean island nations have been designated as priority sites (AKA Genesis Sites) by Mesoamerica field and regional leadership.  Each Genesis site is preparing to receive a team of 4 volunteer missionaries to help with church planting strategies.  We welcome you to becoming involved in the missionary work of Genesis by sponsoring a missionary and praying for the work that is taking place in their site. 

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Julia Alejandra García                   Freya Galindo                                Zabdi Jessica Delgado                Luz Lastenia Jiménez

Veracruz, Mexico

Daniela González                          Marvin Ac Rodríguez                    René Gutiérrez 

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Eunice Zaragoza                           Freivy López                                  Merit Córdova Ordoñez 


Karen, Richard, Eli and Sarah completed a 3-month assignment to Curacao on August 20, 2015.