Genesis Church is a healthy, missional church - we all want to be healthy!  But how do you know if you are healthy?  What if you do some things really well, but others you've not even thought about?  We've come up with 10 characteristics of a Genesis Church to help you know what you are already doing well, and to help you know what you need to work on.  Read through the characteristics and take the quiz at the end, to find out how Genesis can begin with YOU! 

A Genesis Church is a Church that:

1.  Weekly celebrates services that are relevant to and transformational for its surroundings

2.  Serves as a continual presence in its community through the practice of compassion

3.  Creates and utilizes a plan to involve each Nazarene (of any age group) in discipleship and ministry on the local and/or district level

4.  Is actively involved in the planting of a new congregation in the urban center

5.  Preaches holiness regularly and practices holiness daily

6.  Intentionally identifies, develops and sends out pastors, missionaries and new church planters, with a focus on the educational strategy of the denomination

7.  Assures the entire congregation and all ministries work within a team and collaborate with a unified mission to make disciples

8.  Involves everyone in the congregation in interceding for the needs of their community and the world

9.  Generously provides economic resources to finance the mission in their city, their district and the world

10. Self-evaluates and communicates results to various levels of leadership (local, distrital, etc.), making changes when indicated