Below you will find a few suggestions of how to take care of a missionary that is SENT OUT from your congregation.

The role of the sending church is different than the role of the receiving church, so we must work as a team to provide good care for our missionaries.

What a privilege to be involved in caring for our missionaries!

Before leaving the church

  1. Pray for the missionary by name
  2. Know his/her concerns, fears, prayer requests
  3. Assign people to pray monthly for the missionary
  4. Support his/her family in prayer and preparation for departure
  5. Collaborate financially as much as possible

*Choose a fund-raising coordinator who will be the primary contact between the missionary and people committed to consistently give to the missionaries ministry.

At the time of sending out

  1. Pray for the missionary and his/her family
  2. Plan an all-church lunch or dinner celebration, to rejoice in the privilege of sending workers for
  3. the harvest into other cities or countries
  4. Collect a final offering for trip expenses as well as any other expenses
  5. Understand his/her emotional situation as he or she is changing and adapting to a new place.

During the time of missionary service

  1. Be willing to understand cultural differences and personality changes.
  2. Pray for her/his ministries, donors, families and personal issues (studies, local church, relationships, etc.)
  3. Provide advice about different topics that they might be dealing with - this can be done through specific days of counseling, which are established monthly by video call or phone call.
  4. Send email and “snail mail” birthday and greeting cards to provide continual encouragement.
  5. Reach financial goals. Keep in contact about how the missionary is financially proceeding and what can be done to help reach their financial goals.

When he or she returns...

  1. Pray for the missionary as he/she experiences reverse culture shock when arriving back to his/her home country.
  2. Give emotional and spiritual support as well as time to be with family and friends once again.
  3. Prepare a welcome home party to thank the missionary for his/her service and willingness to serve God cross-culturally.


Tutor/Appointed Counselor – Sending District

One of the important aspects to facilitate the comprehensive care of the Missionaries in Genesis, is the need to find a person to assist in care and counseling during the time of missionary service. Therefore, in order to help his/her Superintendent,  the missionary may appoint that person before leaving the field. It is suggested this person has the following qualities:

  • Spiritual maturity: He is known by the fruits of the Spirit, for his counseling and pastoral skills, and handling difficult situations in a calm manner.
  • Missionary approach: It is recommended that the person be a role model for the missionary, be easily approached and, encourage others to participate in conversations.
  • Willingness and responsibilities: This person must comply with the provisions of the missionary regarding monthly calls on issues such as: time, duration, frequency, etc., so that the given objective is fulfilled.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality: many of the issues the missionary will face are confidential, not because they are negative, rather for better protection and performance of work in the field.
  • Access to technology: It keeps the costs down and maintains the relationship, so that you can have a video call with the missionary for appropriate follow up on physical and emotional experiences in the field.
  • It is NOT recommended to be a family member. Often the family will see with the eyes of over-protection and that can lead to difficult situations in the field;  therefore it is recommended that the person is outside the family, yet wise and able to lead and serve with the eyes of Christ in this process.


The goal of this relationship “counselor-missionary” is to have a trusted person with whom the missionary can have for a healthy field experience.

Expected activities Mentor / Advisor:

  • Minimum of one verbal communication per month.
  • Wise counsel regarding transition and separation adjustments.
  • Wise counsel of issues with family, pastors, leaders and people close to the missionary for their benefit
  • Notification of urgent issues with leaders (if necessary), such as: Superintendent, Genesis office staff, family, and others. 


A Mentor/Advisor should be appointed BEFORE the missionary is deployed from the local church to serve cross-culturally.